The Testimony of Cinta Baca Medan Volunteer

“In 2016 I came to Cinta Baca Medan for the first time. At that time, I came to help as a model for the storytelling program. After a while I started to take part as a storyteller. It was not easy to be a storyteller because you have to try to attract the children’s attention by using crafts, dolls and a different voice for each character. But I get a lot of help from the staff, therefore until now I am still taking part in this program.” That is a testimony from Tria, one of the volunteers for Cinta Baca Medan, in South Sumatra.
Cinta Baca is grateful to have passionate and creative volunteers. Their presence has helped in the running of our programs and promoting our programs to schools or universities. Thank you to all our volunteers!
To know how to become a volunteer in Cinta Baca in your area please send your email to

Mar, 27, 2019