Cinta Baca Foundation


The Cinta Baca Foundation has libraries in six cities: Banda Aceh, Medan, Palembang, Bandar Lampung, Bogor and Baubau. A city library has more than 10,000 books and becomes a place for activities, for building community and for people to participate as volunteers. All of the programs and the book circulation in each region are centered at the City Library. You can be a library member by paying an annual fee. With a membership card, you can take advantage of all the facilities in the City Library.

City Library

The Cinta Baca village library is established to reach out the society in sub-district areas. Our goal is to become partners with the local government, schools and local societies in order to grow the love of reading in all regions. A village library has 2,000 books. Our hope is that the local society can use our village libraries as learning facilities where they can easily access information and knowledge.

Village Library

A reading post is located in small villages, at a local person’s house or in a public place (schools). With 200 books, we strive to deliver reading books and programs that will bring a positive impact to the society. The reading post will help children to have easy access to books. A reading post is developed by volunteers (the locals) who are enthusiastic and want to help educate their society.

Reading Post