Cinta Baca Foundation



A reading activity (storytelling and Pesbuk) with an aim to bring out the richness of reading world for the children in purpose to developing reading habit and creativity in order to embed values that will build a virtuous character.


A study group consists of 6-8 families who live near Cinta Baca Library. They are nurtured with a special curriculum that allows them to meet ten times a year in a group to increase the family’s interest in reading. In this program, parents are trained to creatively read books for their children and make it as a culture in the family. In the end of the program, families are expected to be able to independently access knowledge through reading despite their economy situation.


A continuation of Smart Learning. The study group in this program consists of 12-16 families who have done at least, half of Smart Learning curriculum. In this group, parents are trained to have enough knowledge and skill of health to be applied in their own families. It is hoped that they will be able to motivate other families in their society. Smart Health is held for two years by adopting CHE (Community Health Education) programs. This program will forge the family’s physical, emotional and spiritual health.


A continuation of Smart Health, a study group that consists of 5-10 families. This program will discuss more about Indonesian noble values based on Pancasila, the official philosophical foundation of the Indonesian state. It is hoped that these values will be preserved and developed in the middle of the society.