Cinta Baca Foundation



Bahasa Indonesia for non native speakers program aims at assisting its students to master Indonesian language actively both oral and written.

Regular I (Basic)

The goal is to enable the students to communicate in the Indonesian language using everyday expressions especially those that describe their daily activities.

Regular II (Intermediate)

Rhe goal of the Intermediate program is to enable the students to understand and convey written explanations as well as oral expressions.

Regular III ( Advanced)

The goal is to assist the students in achieving a capability to understand, discuss, and write essays.


This club is made up of mostly young individuals (non- English teachers) who have a desire to develop their English skills. The club plans a number of social and non-formal programs using the Cinta Baca facilities. This club holds monthly meetings, puts on workshops, hosts special gathering, does some outward bound type activities, Speak English days, and often volunteers to help with other Cinta Baca Indonesian programs like story telling or special workshops.


Designed to help prepare preschoolers (ages 5-6) for elementary school, this 35 week program meets twice a week and will expose children to some basic skills.

These skills include introducing them to shapes, colors, numbers, the alphabet and reading. Parents work together with Cinta Baca staff to run this program which usually targets children with limited access to pre-school facilities or who lack the finances for other schools.