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Volunteers at Cinta Baca Bogor

Adzkia and Denia are two volunteers at Cinta Baca Bogor, West Java. Both of them are students majoring in English literature at Pakuan University Bogor. Once a week they come to teach English for elementary students who live near Cinta Baca. “We know about Cinta Baca and the need of volunteers from American students who […] Read more

Aug, 12, 2016


The Youngest Reader at Cinta Baca Aceh

  Her name is Ruby, a two-year-old girl who became the youngest reader at Cinta Baca Aceh. Her mother, Lilies, always brings her to the Cinta Baca Library because Lilies herself loves to read. Every time Lilies and Ruby come to the library, Lilies will read books, and Ruby will go to her favorite spot. […] Read more

Jul, 19, 2016


Cinta Baca in Two Local Newspapers

  Cinta Baca Medan, North Sumatra and Cinta Baca Manokwari, Papua got a chance to be interviewed by local newspapers in their areas.Both newspapers highlited the need of libraries in Indonesia to develop a strong reading culture among the Indonesian children. Kudos for Cinta Baca Medan and Manokwari! Salam Cinta Baca!

Jul, 01, 2016


Testimonial of TK Al-Jihad Reading Post’s Local Operator

Mella is the local operator of TK Al – Jihad Reading Post. She testified that the existence of the Reading Post has helped children to read out loud. After every class, students are asked to take a book from the Reading Post and read it out loud in front of their friends.

Jun, 22, 2016


Bring the Bajo Tribe Children Back to School

  Bajo tribe children who live in Baubau, Southeast Sulawesi prefer to fish than to study. When they reach the age of 10 and are able to catch tuna fish, they will leave their school and start selling the tuna fish that they catch. Most of the children in the Bajo tribe do not finish […] Read more

Apr, 27, 2016


Storytelling at Kinderfield School Depok

  On the 18th and 19th of April, Cinta Baca Bogor was invited to do storytelling at Kinderfield School Depok, South Jakarta. About fifty kindergarten students gathered in the school library to hear a story about an arrogant centipede. The story was brought in a fun way using pictures and costume. Children were asked to […] Read more

Apr, 21, 2016


Smart Reading Training in Manokwari

  Cinta Baca Foundation, partnering withlocal government, religious leaders, and the community, always improves reading habits among Indonesian children. On Saturday, February 27th, Cinta Baca Manokwari, Erikson Tritt Theological School, and Literature and Publishing Department of the General Assembly of the Christian Bible Fellowship Church Indonesia (GPKAI) held a Developing Reading Habits Seminar and Workshop […] Read more

Mar, 18, 2016


English Club at SMKN 3B Aceh

On Wednesday, February 17th, Cinta Baca Banda Aceh brought two special Cinta Baca’s volunteers from America, David and Becky, to lead English Club program at SMKN 3 B Aceh. The response was great, children was enthusiastic speaking and sharing their thought during the program. They also took part in giving an ethnic brooch and rencong, […] Read more

Mar, 01, 2016


Cinta Baca Manokwari, Papua

Cinta Baca’s latest regional is in Manokwari, Papua. We had opened one Village Library there, and hoping that local government would help us to facilitate Reading Post in some areas nearby. There are not many activities yet, but we have some photos of Cinta Baca Manokwari.                 SALAM […] Read more

Jan, 28, 2016


The SMART Learning Effect in Cinta Baca Aceh

  Ibu Jenni is one of Smart Learning training participants in PAUD Qurrata A’yun Reading Post, in Aceh. She actively reads stories to her five years old daughter, Balqis Andiny. After the third meeting, Ibu Jenni shared that Balqis starts to read stories to her 20 months – baby sister. She might not able to […] Read more

Jan, 26, 2016


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