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Nadia’s Free Time

Nadia is a regular visitor at the Muta’ Allimin reading post, located in an Islamic elementary school in Palembang, South Sumatra. Nadia loves to read books but her parents are unable to buy her any books of her own because they cannot afford it. Because of this, the fourth grader is always glad to spend […] Read more

Dec, 14, 2016


“Our School Library Is Now A Classroom”

Farel, Rezha and Garin are third grade students from Palembang, South Sumatra. Every morning they always go to Cinta Baca before school because their class doesn’t start until 1 PM. “We don’t have a library in our school because they turned our library a classroom.” Rezha and Farel said. They love coming to Cinta Baca, […] Read more

Nov, 02, 2016


‘Manokwari Membaca’

Manokwari Education Board launched ‘Manokwari Membaca’ last September to foster reading culture in the capital city of West Papua and to reduce the number of illiterates in the city. During the event, all education institutions including Cinta Baca were given a chance to present their programs. At the end of the event Manokwari regent donated […] Read more

Oct, 14, 2016


Rafa From Aceh Who Loves Reading

Rafa, a four grader in Nurul Qur’an elementary school in Aceh really loves reading. His mother said that they have to spend more than $8 a week to buy 2 books for Rafa. And it is quite a burden for the family expenses. The existence of Cinta Baca library in Aceh is very helpful for […] Read more

Sep, 28, 2016


Two Best Friends Who Love Reading

  Suci and Rina are regular visitors at Cinta Baca Medan, North Sumatra. Suci is a 4th grader and Rina is a 5th grader. They are fond of storytelling program and their most favorite storybook is Lexi dan Pohon Ajaib (Lexi and the Magic Tree). “I like this book since the first time I heard a […] Read more

Sep, 28, 2016


Indonesian Independence Day Celebration

PAUD Cerdas was celebrating Indonesia’s Independence Day on August 17th with traditional races; such as eating crackers race and marbles race. There were also competitions for parents; storytelling competition and food decorating competition. HAPPY 71ST INDEPENDENCE DAY INDONESIA!  

Aug, 22, 2016


Volunteers at Cinta Baca Bogor

Adzkia and Denia are two volunteers at Cinta Baca Bogor, West Java. Both of them are students majoring in English literature at Pakuan University Bogor. Once a week they come to teach English for elementary students who live near Cinta Baca. “We know about Cinta Baca and the need of volunteers from American students who […] Read more

Aug, 12, 2016


The Youngest Reader at Cinta Baca Aceh

  Her name is Ruby, a two-year-old girl who became the youngest reader at Cinta Baca Aceh. Her mother, Lilies, always brings her to the Cinta Baca Library because Lilies herself loves to read. Every time Lilies and Ruby come to the library, Lilies will read books, and Ruby will go to her favorite spot. […] Read more

Jul, 19, 2016


Cinta Baca in Two Local Newspapers

  Cinta Baca Medan, North Sumatra and Cinta Baca Manokwari, Papua got a chance to be interviewed by local newspapers in their areas.Both newspapers highlited the need of libraries in Indonesia to develop a strong reading culture among the Indonesian children. Kudos for Cinta Baca Medan and Manokwari! Salam Cinta Baca!

Jul, 01, 2016


Testimonial of TK Al-Jihad Reading Post’s Local Operator

Mella is the local operator of TK Al – Jihad Reading Post. She testified that the existence of the Reading Post has helped children to read out loud. After every class, students are asked to take a book from the Reading Post and read it out loud in front of their friends.

Jun, 22, 2016


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