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Read A Book For A Five Month Old Baby

Icha works at Cinta Baca City Library Medan, South Sumatra as a cleaning service. Every day she will bring her five months baby boy, Rasyid, to work. During break times, while Rasyid is asleep, she will read books and when Rasyid awakes she will read him a book.Although Rasyid is a baby, he will learn […] Read more

May, 31, 2017


Raimuna Village Needs a Reading Post

Raimuna village is 4 hours away by motorcycle from Baubau city in Southeast Sulawesi. Electricity is only lit up at night and during daytime children will help their parents in the fields or taking care of the livestock. There is no library in the village, so when Cinta Baca’s staff came to bring books all […] Read more

May, 10, 2017


The Inauguration of Miftahul Jannah Reading Post, Palembang

On April 29th, Cinta Baca Palembang, South Sumatra inaugurated Miftahul Jannah Reading Post located in PAUD (Early Childhood Education Program) Miftahul Jannah in Sukamenang village. The village head and the director of Cinta Baca attended the inauguration. During the event, Cinta Baca staff did a storytelling using a book called ‘The Proud Centipede’.

May, 08, 2017


Ali From Aceh who Loves Books

Ali is a four years old boy from Aceh who loves books. His mother participates in Smart Learning program in Monsinget Reading Post in Aceh. “Ali cannot read yet, but he loves book. There is never a day without asking me to read him books. He brings books everywhere he goes.” Ali’s mom said. Our […] Read more

Apr, 11, 2017


Storytelling at Adam Malik Hospital Medan

Being hospitalized for weeks or months are not easy especially for children. To help children with long-term illness, Cinta Baca Medan with Indonesian Childhood Cancer Foundation in Medan (YOAM) held a storytelling program at the Adam Malik Hospital on February 18th . Fifty children with cancer came to hear The Giving Tree, to commemorate International […] Read more

Mar, 22, 2017


Oma Zeni Reding Post in Medan

“I remember when I was little, that I had to save money only to buy books that I liked because we were not rich. ” Mahnidar recalled.  “That is why I open this reading post so that children can read for free. ” The 35 years old teacher shared. Mahnidar is a local operator at […] Read more

Feb, 22, 2017


First Blood Test at PAUD Cerdas

“Are you going to take all my blood? Will I run out of blood after this?” asked Ocid, a six years old boy. On January 19th, PAUD (Early Childhood Education Program) Cerdas Cinta Baca Bogor held blood test. A staff from community health center came to give short brief about blood and the importance of […] Read more

Feb, 08, 2017


Saving To Donate

“Uncle, can I donate a book for Cinta Baca?” asked a little girl named Wafia to Cinta Baca Manokwari’s staff one day. The staff said she could. And a few weeks later, she came and said, “I’m so sorry uncle, I can only donate one book, I bought it after saving my pocket money.” The […] Read more

Jan, 18, 2017


Nadia’s Free Time

Nadia is a regular visitor at the Muta’ Allimin reading post, located in an Islamic elementary school in Palembang, South Sumatra. Nadia loves to read books but her parents are unable to buy her any books of her own because they cannot afford it. Because of this, the fourth grader is always glad to spend […] Read more

Dec, 14, 2016


“Our School Library Is Now A Classroom”

Farel, Rezha and Garin are third grade students from Palembang, South Sumatra. Every morning they always go to Cinta Baca before school because their class doesn’t start until 1 PM. “We don’t have a library in our school because they turned our library a classroom.” Rezha and Farel said. They love coming to Cinta Baca, […] Read more

Nov, 02, 2016


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