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Cinta Baca Aceh’s Birthday Celebration

On 12 August 2017 Cinta Baca Aceh celebrated their 9th birthday. To celebrate it,Cinta Baca Aceh had a game and storytelling time and also watched movie together on August 25th at the city library. During the celebration, one of Cinta Baca’s loyal visitors Rania Mufida gave a present for Cinta Baca. “ Cinta Baca has given […] Read more

Aug, 30, 2017


Rapha Reading Post in Medan

In 2016 Cinta Baca Medan went to elementary and pre-schools in the Sunggal sub-districk to do a research on school libraries. They found that, out of 41 schools, only 9 schools had libraries. During the survey, one of the schools, Rapha preschool, communicated that they felt the need of having a library in their school. […] Read more

Aug, 09, 2017


From Banjarmasin to Aceh

On the 17th of each month, everyone can send books to any library in Indonesia for free with POS Indonesia (Indonesia Post Office). A list of the libraries’ addresses is available in the POS Indonesia website (Bahasa Indonesia only). Ariani from Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan took the opportunity to send books to Cinta Baca Aceh on […] Read more

Jul, 19, 2017


Erna from Gunung Batu Reading Post

Erna opened Gunung Batu Reading Post in Sukabumi West Java in 2011 in her house. In 2013 she started to bring some of the books to Al-Mansyuriah preschool where she is now teaching. “My students are improving since I brought books to the school. They started to know numbers, alphabets and learning to read. They […] Read more

Jun, 29, 2017


Cinta Baca City Library in Bogor is Temporarily Closed

During the next six months Cinta Baca Library in Bogor will do a renovation. A local contact lent his house to be used rent – free for Cinta Baca’s preschool’s activities, and the library will not be operated for six months. Renovating the old building will help Cinta Baca Bogor to give a better service for […] Read more

Jun, 27, 2017


Cinta Baca Volunteers from Medan

Since finishing her thesis exam, Leri is now volunteering at Cinta Baca Medan, North Sumatra. She spends her time helping the staff in Smart Reading program in the Ulumul Qur’an and Bangun Rejo reading posts, about a 45 – 60 minute motorcycle ride from the city library. There are also five students from the faculty […] Read more

Jun, 07, 2017


Read A Book For A Five Month Old Baby

Icha works at Cinta Baca City Library Medan, South Sumatra as a cleaning service. Every day she will bring her five months baby boy, Rasyid, to work. During break times, while Rasyid is asleep, she will read books and when Rasyid awakes she will read him a book.Although Rasyid is a baby, he will learn […] Read more

May, 31, 2017


Raimuna Village Needs a Reading Post

Raimuna village is 4 hours away by motorcycle from Baubau city in Southeast Sulawesi. Electricity is only lit up at night and during daytime children will help their parents in the fields or taking care of the livestock. There is no library in the village, so when Cinta Baca’s staff came to bring books all […] Read more

May, 10, 2017


The Inauguration of Miftahul Jannah Reading Post, Palembang

On April 29th, Cinta Baca Palembang, South Sumatra inaugurated Miftahul Jannah Reading Post located in PAUD (Early Childhood Education Program) Miftahul Jannah in Sukamenang village. The village head and the director of Cinta Baca attended the inauguration. During the event, Cinta Baca staff did a storytelling using a book called ‘The Proud Centipede’.

May, 08, 2017


Ali From Aceh who Loves Books

Ali is a four years old boy from Aceh who loves books. His mother participates in Smart Learning program in Monsinget Reading Post in Aceh. “Ali cannot read yet, but he loves book. There is never a day without asking me to read him books. He brings books everywhere he goes.” Ali’s mom said. Our […] Read more

Apr, 11, 2017


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