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Adha and Raditya from Cinta Baca Bogor

This is Adha and Raditya, their father brought them to Cinta Baca Library, Bogor before leaving for work. He said that they could read and study in the library and he would pick them up after work. At the library Adha read books about animals and copied everything that he read so he could re-learn […] Read more

Jul, 06, 2018


Smart Learning Graduation Day- Kartisa Reading Post

“ My relationship with my son is getting closer after we spending time reading together every night.” Yessi said. “ My daughter’s creativity is improving, and she learns numbers and alphabets from books that we read together.” Elly said. Yessi and Elly are one of eight parents who graduated from Smart Learning program in Kartisa […] Read more

Jun, 28, 2018


Ibu Nurlela – Monsinget Reading Post’s Local Operator

Nurlela is the local operator of the Monsinget reading post in Aceh province.  She is the driving force behind all of the programs in the reading post. She prepares everything – from cleaning the rooms, to reminding the participants of the event, to preparing the snacks. Local operator is a volunteer who helps with the […] Read more

Jun, 20, 2018


Bunga Tanjong Reading Post Graduation Day

On April, seven participants of Smart Learning in the Bunga Tanjong Reading Post, North Sumatra graduated from the program. That means they had read more than forty books in a year. Many of the parents shared that their children felt anxious if they would forget to read to them and children’s inquisitiveness increased because they […] Read more

Jun, 13, 2018


Fauzi is An Independent Boy Now

Fauzi is one of the 19 students who graduated from Cerdas Pre- School, West Java. “ Last year he cried every day when his mother was not around. But now he has improved so much, and has become much more independent.” One of the teachers testified. Cinta Baca West Java has a pre-school for impoverished […] Read more

Jun, 13, 2018


The First Smart Learning Program in Liabuku Reading Post

The first Smart Learning program was held in the Liabuku Reading Post, Baubau, Southeast Sulawesi on April 21st.  As many as seven mothers came to be trained as storytellers. In the Smart Learning program, parents are trained to read in creative ways for their children at home to increase the habit of reading among Indonesian […] Read more

May, 09, 2018


Smart Learning Program at Suka Menang Reading Post

“My daughter cried when I told her a story about a frog who was looking for his mother.” Said one of the participants of the Smart Learning program in the Suka Menang reading post in Lampung. Most of the participants testified that even though most of their children were unable to read, they have started loving […] Read more

May, 02, 2018


Promotional Stand at Taman Sempur Bogor, West Java

On April 15th, Cinta Baca Bogor, West Java opened a promotional stand and held a storytelling program for people who gathered in Taman Sempur, near the Bogor presidential palace. The program was intended to re- introduce the programs of Cinta Baca West Java after completing their building renovation, which took more than six months To […] Read more

Apr, 25, 2018


Storytelling Training With The Expert

Last March, Cinta Baca Medan, North Sumatra held a storytelling training for all their volunteers and smart learning participants. The trainer was Wiwik, an experienced stroryteller who had been travelling around Indonesia to conduct storytelling trainings. During the training, all the participants learned to read with interesting intonations and learned to change their voices according to […] Read more

Apr, 18, 2018


Cinta Baca Worked Together With Trend Optic

As a library, Cinta Baca works with various fields to support Cinta Baca’s programs. One of these programs happened in Lampung, Bandar Lampung where Cinta Baca worked together with Trend Optic to examine some of the visitors with bad eyesight. The program helped them to get affordable good quality eyeglasses that would help them to […] Read more

Apr, 12, 2018


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