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Smart Learning Program at Suka Menang Reading Post

“My daughter cried when I told her a story about a frog who was looking for his mother.” Said one of the participants of the Smart Learning program in the Suka Menang reading post in Lampung. Most of the participants testified that even though most of their children were unable to read, they have started loving […] Read more

May, 02, 2018


Promotional Stand at Taman Sempur Bogor, West Java

On April 15th, Cinta Baca Bogor, West Java opened a promotional stand and held a storytelling program for people who gathered in Taman Sempur, near the Bogor presidential palace. The program was intended to re- introduce the programs of Cinta Baca West Java after completing their building renovation, which took more than six months To […] Read more

Apr, 25, 2018


Storytelling Training With The Expert

Last March, Cinta Baca Medan, North Sumatra held a storytelling training for all their volunteers and smart learning participants. The trainer was Wiwik, an experienced stroryteller who had been travelling around Indonesia to conduct storytelling trainings. During the training, all the participants learned to read with interesting intonations and learned to change their voices according to […] Read more

Apr, 18, 2018


Cinta Baca Worked Together With Trend Optic

As a library, Cinta Baca works with various fields to support Cinta Baca’s programs. One of these programs happened in Lampung, Bandar Lampung where Cinta Baca worked together with Trend Optic to examine some of the visitors with bad eyesight. The program helped them to get affordable good quality eyeglasses that would help them to […] Read more

Apr, 12, 2018


Mobile Library Cinta Baca Baubau

Cinta Baca Baubau in Southeast Sulawesi has a program called “mobile library” where Cinta Baca opens a reading spot for a few hours at public place where no reading posts are available. This program brings books closer to children. One of the selected locations is the Siloam Hospital Baubau, where a reading spot is opened […] Read more

Apr, 05, 2018


Smart Health at Cinta Baca Aceh

There was an interesting scene during the Smart Health program at Cinta Baca Aceh. A participant had a toothache and all the other participants started to tease her for being careless about her health even though she was learning so much about health in the program. In Smart Health program parents are trained to have […] Read more

Apr, 05, 2018


Rahmi Kindergarten-Medan, North Sumatra

Rahmi Kindergarten in Medan, North Sumatra saw the need of a library in their school. They have collected books from the parents and ten books were collected. For that reason, they decided to work together with Cinta Baca Medan to open a reading post. A Reading Post is the smallest form of library, with 200 […] Read more

Mar, 21, 2018


Healthy Packed Meals

During a Smart Health program at Cinta Baca Cigombong in West Java, all the participants learned to make healthy packed meals for their children. Most parents packed instant noodles with rice, or rice with fried eggs for their children’s packed meals. Through the program, parents learned to pay more attention to the nutrition of their […] Read more

Mar, 15, 2018


A Mysterious Box

Cinta Baca Aceh received a special package in a unique way. There was no information about the sender and it was placed in front of the front gate before the library opened. “We were afraid and a little bit suspicious when we saw it, and surprised when opened it. There were 22 books in it.” […] Read more

Feb, 21, 2018



It was a rainy day in Manokwari, West Papua, but that did not stop Zainul, Ali and Ahmad from riding their bicycles to Cinta Baca. They always spend their afternoon reading books in the library and sometimes, they play UNO or a game with bricks before going back home. Cinta Baca has built libraries in many […] Read more

Feb, 20, 2018


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