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Quiz For Smart Health Participants at Negrikaton Reading Post

Cinta Baca Lampung staff held a quiz during smart health program at Negrikaton reading post. The questions were all the things that they had learned in previous meetings. It helped all 14 participants to recall all the lessons. In Smart Health program parents are trained to have enough knowledge and skill of health (physically, emotionally […] Read more

Oct, 10, 2018


Gramedia Reading Community Contest

Gramedia Reading Community Contest (GRCC) is a biannual contest held by the biggest publisher in Indonesia to find the most innovative and inspirational reading communities in the country. As many as 987 reading communities participated in this year’s competition including Cinta Baca Bogor. In early September, 20 reading communities from 5 regions were elected as the best ones, including Cinta Baca. During the award night […] Read more

Oct, 03, 2018


First Time Playing UNO Cards

Around eleven mothers at Kartisa reading post, Palembang, learned to play UNO cards for the first time. After a while they started to master the game and knew each other. It happened during the first meeting of Smart Learning program. “We are using UNO cards as our ice breaker to help them to relax and […] Read more

Sep, 26, 2018


New Reading Post in Aceh

On August 11th Cinta Baca Aceh opened a new reading post at Aisyiah Bustanul Athfal (ABA) kindergarten.The kindergarten won the fist prize at the National Parents Reading Book Movement last May. During the competition, the school was partnering with Cinta Baca and decided to continue the partnership by opening a reading post in their school. […] Read more

Sep, 20, 2018


“I Prefer Cinta Baca’s Books than My School Library’s”

“My school has a library but the books are not as good as here. That is why I prefer to read here.” Said one of the visitors who came to Cinta Baca Palembang. Most of the school libraries in Indonesia only have textbooks; meanwhile Cinta Baca libraries provide various books with themes that attract children […] Read more

Sep, 05, 2018


Watching Movie and Making Saving Box-Cinta Baca Aceh

Thirty children came to Cinta Baca Aceh to watch the movie The Legend of Indonesia together. After that they learned to make their own saving box, one of the traditions in Indonesia. One of the children, Raja, did not want to go home until his saving box was perfectly done. He said that he would […] Read more

Aug, 29, 2018


Smart Health Cinta Baca Lampung

One of the lessons in Smart Health program is to economically healthy. During Smart Health program, participants not only learn to make a family budget but are also encouraged to make money. At Cinta Baca Lampung, 23 mothers were trained to make traditional clothes and sell them to local shops. The money they make is […] Read more

Aug, 23, 2018


Learning To Read with My Father at Cinta Baca Manokwari

On August 9th Yopie and his family came to Cinta Baca Manokwari, Papua to register himself as a member of the library so he could teach his daughter, Seli, how to read. He patiently helped his second grade daughter to sound out each word from a book in the library. “It is not everyday that […] Read more

Aug, 15, 2018


Cinta Baca Manokwari’s Achievement

On July 8th – 14th, Cinta Baca Manokwari represented the West Papua province in the national library competition in Kalimantan. Even though Cinta Baca did not win first place, the opportunity to become a representative of the province was greatly appreciate by all of Cinta Baca’s libraries. Cinta Baca is open to work with various […] Read more

Jul, 26, 2018


Learn To stand In Line

“Standing in line is boring,” said a boy during a storytelling program at Cinta Baca in Bogor, West Java. To teach children about the importance of being patient and respecting others by standing in line, Cinta Baca Bogor read the story of Antre Andre (Andre who stands in line) for the storytelling program. After the storytelling […] Read more

Jul, 23, 2018


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