Hilmy from Aceh

Hilmy, a 4th grader at Nurul Qur’an elementary school in Aceh, is one of the loyal visitors at Cinta Baca Aceh. He and his grandmother donated some books for Cinta Baca last month. His parents introduced him to books from an early age and it helps him to grow as a boy who loves to read. In the photo he was posing with one of his most favorite books.

Cinta Baca began a book donation campaign in 2015 to renew the book collections in all our libraries across Indonesia. Renewing the books in our libraries will allow children who have limited access to books to be able to read a variety of good quality books. For more information on how you can participate in this program, please send your email to  info@cintabaca.org or visit our website at Book Donation


Nov, 15, 2017