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The Youngest Reader at Cinta Baca Aceh

  Her name is Ruby, a two-year-old girl who became the youngest reader at Cinta Baca Aceh. Her mother, Lilies, always brings her to the Cinta Baca Library because Lilies herself loves to read. Every time Lilies and Ruby come to the library, Lilies will read books, and Ruby will go to her favorite spot. […] Read more

Jul, 19, 2016


Cinta Baca in Two Local Newspapers

  Cinta Baca Medan, North Sumatra and Cinta Baca Manokwari, Papua got a chance to be interviewed by local newspapers in their areas.Both newspapers highlited the need of libraries in Indonesia to develop a strong reading culture among the Indonesian children. Kudos for Cinta Baca Medan and Manokwari! Salam Cinta Baca!

Jul, 01, 2016


Testimonial of TK Al-Jihad Reading Post’s Local Operator

Mella is the local operator of TK Al – Jihad Reading Post. She testified that the existence of the Reading Post has helped children to read out loud. After every class, students are asked to take a book from the Reading Post and read it out loud in front of their friends.


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